Nurses Trained In Mexico, To Serve Patients From Mexico, With American Tax Dollars
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There's a shortage of places in California nursing schools, but they have a plan—outsource Nursing School:

If all goes as planned, as many as 40 bilingual Californians now stuck on nursing school waiting lists will begin classes in January at a college in Guadalajara, Mexico — apparently the first attempt by any state to outsource nursing education to another country.

Program supporters say it's a reasonable way to train more Californians, especially those who can work in communities that need more Spanish-speaking health care workers.[Outsourcing education,By Keith Darc?©, The San Diego Union-Tribune, September 16, 2007]

And of course the reason they need Spanish-speaking health care workers is because of the massive influx of illegal immigrants who can't speak English.

Via Joanne Jacobs, who asks

Given the very high demand for nurses, which is sure to continue as the baby boomers age, why is it so difficult to offer competitive salaries to instructors and expand U.S. nursing schools?

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