NumbersUSA: "Turns Out The Alternative To Hiring Illegal Workers Is To Hire Legal Workers"
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You wonder why he hadn't thought of this before? Because it's cheaper to hire illegals.

Allow me to repeat what I said in post about the "Needs Of America's Farmers",

Here are the needs of America's farmers, with respect to illegal cheap labor:

  • Some of them need to be paying higher wages, so they can hire Americans.
  • Some of them need to mechanize their operations.
  • Some of them need to switch to less labor-intensive crops, which can be harvested by machine.
  • If some of them still can't make a living farming without importing illegals to harvest their crops, they need to stop farming, and get a job, because their farm is costing them and the nation more than the value of their produce.
  • And finally, some of them need to be fined or jailed.

HerbCo Owner Ted Andrews, growing legal herbs with legal workersHerbCo owner Ted Andrews [Email him] who did plead "guilty in federal court to knowingly hiring illegal workers from Mexico"—more than 200 of them—still apparently likes Mexican workers better than Americans, but now he's hiring legal Mexicans, via the H2-A Visa. It costs him $1.50 more per hour than a "local" worker.

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