NumbersUSA: "Turns Out The Alternative To Hiring Illegal Workers Is To Hire Legal Workers"
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August 08, 2013, 05:16 PM
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You wonder why he hadn`t thought of this before? Because it`s cheaper to hire illegals.

Allow me to repeat what I said in post about the "Needs Of America`s Farmers",

Here are the needs of America`s farmers, with respect to illegal cheap labor:

  • Some of them need to be paying higher wages, so they can hire Americans.
  • Some of them need to mechanize their operations.
  • Some of them need to switch to less labor-intensive crops, which can be harvested by machine.
  • If some of them still can`t make a living farming without importing illegals to harvest their crops, they need to stop farming, and get a job, because their farm is costing them and the nation more than the value of their produce.
  • And finally, some of them need to be fined or jailed.

HerbCo Owner Ted Andrews, growing legal herbs with legal workersHerbCo owner Ted Andrews [Email him] who did plead "guilty in federal court to knowingly hiring illegal workers from Mexico"—more than 200 of them—still apparently likes Mexican workers better than Americans, but now he`s hiring legal Mexicans, via the H2-A Visa. It costs him $1.50 more per hour than a "local" worker.