NumbersUSA Petition Surges Past Pro-Amnesty Petition By Charles Schumer
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We did a thing about the White House petitions process recently, and it may interest you to know that amnesty is losing in the petition process:

ANTI-amnesty petition surges past Gang of 8 petition in signers

Sen. Schumer's PRO-amnesty petition had a big day today and seems to be picking up momentum.

But the nation's top ANTI-amnesty petition has even more momentum. My great thanks to all of you who were part of adding more than 30,000 new signers today!

For the first time, the ANTI-amnesty petition has more signers than the one backing the Gang of Eight's PRO-amnesty plan.
As of 9 p.m. Monday:

69,458 signers of NumbersUSA ANTI-amnesty petition

53,172 signers of Schumer's PRO-amnesty petition supporting Gang of Eight.[More]

The pro-amnesty side has a lot of money, and thus a lot of Senators, but the anti-amnesty side has more public support.

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