NumbersUSA: A Vote For Cromnibus Will Rate As Vote For Amnesty
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H/T One Old Vet

From my perspective, in the current Amnesty battle NumbersUSA has distinguished itself as the most effective of the Fat Cat Inside-the Beltway immigration restraint outfits. Brenda Walker flagged this yesterday in Roy Beck: Don’t Make the Most Vulnerable Americans Pay the Cost of Amnesty
Beck emphasized the central issue regarding the policy’s effect on the American people: The work permits are the amnesty.
James Fulford applauded them on Tuesday in NumbersUSA: Tell Congress To Defund Executive Amnesty In Today’s “CROmnibus” Bill–Not Pass Stupid Censure Bills

Now NumbersUSA has announced an objectively brave step: NumbersUSA to grade CRomnibus vote as a vote for Amnesty

It should be obvious to all Members, as it is to Americans, that Congress cannot in good faith fund an unconstitutional act for any period of time.

DHS should not be the only restricted agency. Unless restricted from doing so:

  • The Social Security Administration will use tax dollars to issue Social Security account numbers to unlawfully amnestied aliens, in addition to qualifying them for Social Security benefits;
  • The Internal Revenue Service will use billions in tax dollars to issue Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credits (ACTC) to unlawfully amnestied aliens;
  • The Department of Health and Human Services will use tax dollars to enroll unlawfully amnestied aliens in Medicare; and
  • The Department of Justice will use tax dollars to defend the President's unconstitutional amnesty against court challenges, and DoJ's immigration courts will use tax dollars to hear the cases of all the illegal aliens who argue that they cannot be deported because they qualify for the unlawful amnesty.

Their argument is of course unanswerable (except by bribery). But getting on a collision course with the entire leadership of the only slightly patriotic Party in Washington is a radical step for the normally herbivorous NumbersUSA and applauds.

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