Daily Caller—"GOP Members Release New Anti-Amnesty Amendment"—But Leadership Wants To Prepare For THEIR OWN Amnesty Later
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Neil Munro has this story on The Daily Caller:

Here's what we need to know (emphasis added):

GOP leaders want to block and complicate the anti-amnesty fight because the GOP might win the fight against Obama, said one GOP Hill aide. That victory would derail their plans for an GOP-designed amnesty in 2015, and complicate their efforts to keep immigration out of the 2016 election, the aide explained.

The fights over the other 100 riders help the leadership downplay the new anti-amnesty rider, he said. ”Instead of a straightforward vote showing the GOP opposes amnesty and forcing the Democrats to vote with Obama or in opposition to him, we’ve got things muddled beyond recognition,” the aide said.

We've seen this delusion that they can get it behind them for 2016 before. That kind of betrayal is not going to be forgotten by the voters. We're already seeing reactions like this: Grass-roots revolt over 'huge deception' by GOP | Massive push for ouster of Boehner, McConnell, by Leo Hohmann, WND, December 10, 2014.

Remember, after the election, put it like this: Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP.

However, any kind of anti-amnesty amendment is better than the current CRomnibus, which would fully fund Obamnesty,  which is why NumbersUSA is making a big push to have you  phone your Congressman.

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