NRO vs The Snobs
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I'm surprised to see Lisa Schiffren on NRO objecting to Obama's gaffe about "bitter" Pennsylvanians by saying that it's "fairly shocking that Candidate Hope and Change thinks these people are rubes – unlike the much better paid, if not more productive denizens of Hyde Park, Cambridge, or a random prep school in Hawaii."

Is this the same Establishment Conservative Lisa Schiffren [Send her mail]who attacked Mike Huckabee in 2007 with a post that Ross Douthat said might as well have been called "Go Back to Dogpatch, You Stupid Hillbilly!"?

Huckabee had suggested that if the Constitution was opposed to God's law, on what he saw as basic issues of right and wrong, maybe it was the Constitution that was wrong. and should be changed. Ms. Schiffren went ballistic. Check what Daniel Larison had to say about Ms.Schiffren's attitude at that time

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