NRO Trusts McCain?
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Mickey Kaus writes

The National Review bloggers at The Corner seem to be impressed with John McCain's new immigration position, which is:

[The rhetoric about regaining "trust and confidence.' I highlighted below,I.E. "And we’ve got to restore that trust and confidence. If we’re going to have real immigration reform, we’re going to have to have trust that we will secure the borders.", and that is contradicted by, oh, McCain's entire political career.]

Mickey thinks the NRO bloggers are "cheap dates.'(Not a big surprise.) He writes

McCain obviously still believes his semi-amnesty is the essence of "real immigration reform." Is he saying it will have to wait until the border are actually secured? No. He only requires "trust" that the borders "will" be secured, trust that will be accomplished by any number of government confidence-building measures (success in Iraq, cutting spending, better FEMA disaster response) that have nothing to do with actually securing the border. ... I don't trust his definition of "trust," and he seems willfully oblivious to the difficulties facing any successful enforcement attempt—including a half-decade of lawsuits from many of McCain's pro-comprehensive allies.

Of course, he hasn't actually offered to secure the border, he's just promising to make the American people trust him to restore the border. Unfortunately for him, the American people know better.

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