NRO's Manifesto Of Trump Hate On Twitter
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National Review has declared Trump to be anathema in an online symposium—or manifesto, or fatwa or whatever.

It's announced here by John Podhoretz, culture expert:

It's applauded by Jennifer Rubin, immigration enthusiast:

And dismissed by Stacy McCain:

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Ben Shapiro, who is more a Trump fan, says it will help Trump:

I assume actual voters will ignore it. National Review has much less power than it used to. John Podhoretz also tweeted this:

That's the story of Buckley and some other conservatives literally conspiring against the John Birch Society, whose theories they found embarrassing:

The wound we Palm Beach plotters delivered to the John Birch Society proved fatal over time. Barry Goldwater did not win the presidency, but he clarified the proper place of anti-Communism on the Right, with bright prospects to follow.

Goldwater, the John Birch Society, and Me

How a few "conspirators" set the boundary between responsible and irresponsible anti-Communism in the young conservative movement.


National Review isn't any position to do that again.

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