NRO's Decade Of Living Stupidly—(Surrender on Tan Nguyen Letter)
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John J. Pitney, [send him mail] on one of NRO's many blogs has decided that cowardly behavior by the Orange County Republican party is " the right thing."
The GOP's Year of Living Stupidly [John J. Pitney Jr. 10/20 08:55 AM] Yet another Republican candidate messes up, this time in California. At least county chairman Scott Baugh reacting by doing the right thing.

The right thing he's praising is the Orange County Republican party's decision to betray and abandon a Republican Candidate over a phony issue that offended Hispanics. [OC GOP urges candidate whose campaign sent letter to withdraw By Peter Prengaman, Associated Press, October 19, 2006]When Republican candidate Tan Nguyen, sent out a letter in Spanish to people in his district reminding them that non-citizens are not allowed to vote and can go to jail for doing so, he was threatened with criminal penalties for "intimidation."

The point all these MSM reporters insist on pointing out is that naturalized immigrants, (like Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, and Arnold Schwarzenegger ) are allowed to vote. They know that. They explain it to you at the swearing-in ceremony.

That's not what Nguyen, an "immigrant himself," meant. He meant that you must be an American citizen to vote. He's running against Loretta Sanchez in what used to be Bob Dornan's district. Sanchez beat Dornan with the aid of illegal alien voters.

Non-citizens are are actually a majority in many California districts, and Democrats are the traditional beneficiaries of the illegal Hispanic vote, as they are of the legal Hispanic vote.

Why is the Orange County Republican Party backing down? And why is NRO endorsing their actions?

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