NRO Prosecutor On Ramos and Compean
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When we published Border Agent Attacked In PrisonAnother Dreyfus Case? By Donald A. Collins, we included this note:

[ note: NRO is on the case, predictably supporting the Bush Administration. Support for the Administration’s actions comes from Andrew McCarthy, a former prosecutor, and John J. Miller, an Open Borders lunatic. John Derbyshire, predictably, has more normal reactions.]

Well, here’s some more on the NRO brief for the prosecution by Chip McLean, the editor/publisher for Capitol Hill Coffee House

There are probably two reasons for McCarthy’s zeal in bashing WND and other writers who have been keeping the story going. One is that World Net Daily is probably seen as an “upstart” conservative publication. In the process, they have attained an internet readership that rivals and perhaps even surpasses National Review Online.

The second reason is that NRO in recent times seems to have forgotten their conservative roots. In many ways they have become nothing more than mouthpieces for the Bush Administration. The entire immigration issue is a hot button for many conservatives who now find themselves at odds with this president - a president who favors amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and refuses to control the border. A president who has finally promised to “review” the case of Compean and Ramos, but only after enormous pressure from the conservative base.

McCarthy wanted to “’splain” this case to Sher Zieve (and to everyone else who disagrees with him.) Well, I have a little “’splaining” where NRO is concerned. Their slavish devotion to the Bush Administration extends to peripheral issues such as the Border Patrol agents’ case. They know that immigration is the White House’s achilles heel, and that this case has the ability to explode like a powder keg. So, NRO will naturally do all they can to downplay the case.

Sorry, but being lackeys for the Bush Administration no longer cuts it among true conservatives.Commentary: Andrew McCarthy Misses The Mark - The Post Chronicle

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