"NRI"—Non-Resident Indian Convicted Of Murder—Called "UK Man" In Headline
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"NRI" is a new expression to me—it's what the Indian Press uses to describe Indians who live overseas. They don't, by the way, usually distinguish between those who are still citizens of India, and thous who may have sworn oaths of citizenship to other countries, they still think of them as Indians. This is a horrifying murder in London, and to the Indian press it was committed by an NRI.

NRI man sentenced to life murdering his wife

London: A 32-year-old Indian-origin man was on Saturday jailed for life for masterminding the "cold-blooded" murder of his estranged wife, who was hacked to death with a machete on the streets of London in 2009.

Harpreet Aulakh was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum tariff of 28 years at the Old Bailey Court for masterminding the murder of his wife Geeta Aulakh, 28, who had left him and was seeking a divorce.[More]

In another report from India, he's called a Brit-Indian: Brit-Indian 'jealous' husband caught on CCTV buying machete for wife's murder. But in the English press he's just called "Husband" and a Canadian story calls him a "UK Man."

Husband jokes as he buys the Â?14 machete used to kill his wife

The Sun - ?Dec 3, 2010?
Anita Shinh told The Sun last night how it made her "flesh crawl" when she learned of the killer's twisted feelings for her. She said: "Geeta told me that ...

UK man gets life for wife's machete murder

Toronto Sun - ?Dec 3, 2010?
By QMI Agency A British man has been sentenced to life in prison for sending two men to murder his wife. The two men have also been convicted in connection ...

Husband is jailed for ordering machete murder

The Guardian - ?Dec 3, 2010?
A man was jailed for at least 28 years today for ordering the murder of his estranged wife, who was hacked to death with a machete in a suburban street as ...

Jealous husband guilty of ordering wife to be hacked to death

Telegraph.co.uk - Richard Edwards - ?Dec 3, 2010?
A jealous husband is facing life in jail for ordering his wife to be hacked to death after she ”dared” to ask for a divorce. Geeta Aulakh, 28, was left to ...

Husband guilty of hacking murder

The Sun - Mike Sullivan - ?Dec 2, 2010?
A HUSBAND who paid a machete-wielding gang to hack his wife to death after she demanded a divorce has been convicted of her ...
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