NPR's 48-Hour Rule on Mark Potok
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Apparently, the folks at NPR now have a 48-hour rule for Mark Potok, chief obfuscator for the SPLC. The rule is: he's got to be on the air at least every forty eight hours. Last night he was brought on to weigh in on the Hutaree militia.Growth Of Militia Groups 'Astounding',
NPR, March 31, 2010.

As usual, Potok managed to spin the arrests of these militia members into a complete indictment of everyone to the right of Lindsey Graham. [Previously by Potok: When Right-Wing Extremism Moves Mainstream, NPR, March 25, 2010] He went completely unchallenged by his fawning interviewer, Michele Norris.

What's next? Mark Potok on Car Talk? "Well, guys, I was driving a Toyota, until I was reminded of the racism of Imperial Japan, and now I just can't decide what to drive. Can you suggest anything?"

[See also:Left: Get The Tea Partiers–Keep Up The Skeer! by Peter Brimelow.]

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