Now That's What I Call Profiling
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This is from American Renaissance's November 1995 issue, the original doesn't seem to be on the web:

Get Rich Quick

Two illegal aliens from Mexico, Gabriel Diaz and Luis Ramos have been arrested for counterfeiting and selling identification papers. They were the leaders of a group offering Chicago immigrants complete sets of documents, including birth certificates, for $335 a set. Their ring was making profits of $1 million a month. [Emphasis in original]Demand was so high – and the risk of arrest so small – that members of the group were stopping foreign-looking people on the street, [Emphasis added by me.] asking them if they needed papers. [Rebecca Carr, Arrests break fake document ring, Chicago Sun-Times, 8/25/95, p. 9.]

Stopping foreign-looking people on the street to ask if they wanted fake ID! All I can say is they're lucky they were criminals—if they'd been police, Eric Holder and the Mexican Ambassador would be after them with a fast lawsuit.

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