Now It's Amnesty For Hezbollah Spies
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The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty for illegal aliens continues. The winner this time is Nada Prouty, marriage fraudster, Hezbollah spy, and illegal alien.

CBS News November 14, 2011

Ex-CIA Officer's Story Takes Dramatic Turn

(CBS News) NEW YORK - A former CIA officer, once disgraced as a traitor, now finds the federal government coming to her rescue. Nada Prouty was vilified in the media as a terrorist, and lost her citizenship.

But now, the director of the CIA, the attorney general, and the secretary of Homeland Security are intervening in her case...

Prouty's missions as an FBI agent and a CIA officer read like a history of the war on terror. She investigated the bombing of the USS Cole, and an attack on Americans in Saudi Arabia. She took part in armed raids in Iraq and helped develop intelligence that led to Saddam Hussein. It was a stellar career until Prouty's name came up in an FBI investigation.

In 2004, the FBI looked into whether the Lebanese owner of a restaurant was sending money to terrorists. Turned out, he was Prouty's brother-in-law. During the investigation, the FBI found Prouty had a secret: Not terrorism, but citizenship. Twenty years before, as a Lebanese immigrant in a U.S. college, Prouty arranged a sham marriage to become a citizen. Prosecutors went after her for that. They never presented any evidence she was connected to terrorists. But in press releases, they dragged her name into the terror investigation - and even once used the word "espionage."

As usual, the CBS report is mostly lies and mistakes. First, Prouty arranged a fake marriage to obtain legal permanent residency, not citizenship. Legal permanent residency must precede citizenship. This is just more evidence that most who report or comment on immigration know absolutely nothing about the issue. It is much like some morons who comment on police shootings.

But the rest is lies and mendacity. Prouty pled guilty to unlawfully accessing the FBI's case management system in an effort to obtain information about a terrorist investigation, not just marriage fraud.

But that was not enough for the communist former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta:

“After the "60 Minutes" story Prouty got word that Leon Panetta, then the CIA director, was making her a legal resident alien. “

Well, he can't do that directly, but he did take action to help her regain legal permanent residency. It is not clear how that happened though. Prouty, once she was denaturalized, became an instant illegal alien. She had no status. Her only option was to do one of two things:

1: Provide information about past or future terrorist organizations or activity, or...

2: Do the usual shuck and jive performed by espionage suspects, threaten to reveal more classified information during the trial, or remain silent and plead guilty in exchange for lenient treatment.

The result of should have been an S visa, the visa for criminal and terrorist snitches:

"Types of S Visas

There are two types of S visas, the S-5 and the S-6. You may qualify to receive an S-5 visa if you:

possess reliable information regarding a crime or the pending commission of a crime;

you are willing to share this information with law enforcement or testify in court;


your presence is necessary to secure a successful investigation and/or prosecution of the case.

You are eligible for an S-6 visa if you:

possess reliable information regarding a terrorist organization or terrorist plot;

you are willing to share this information with law enforcement or testify in court;


you are eligible to receive an award from the State Department for providing the information.

The S visa provides for legal presence and employment authorization. One may then adjust to legal permanent residency, but those convicted of crimes or who committed immigration violations or fraud may not adjust status to legal permanent residency or be naturalized.”

The issue is that Prouty was involved in terrorism if she qualified for the S-6 visa. So that is in fact an admission that she was involved in terrorism. So CBS was wrong.

The other option being that she was involved in criminal activity and snitched on others to get the S-5 visa. So she was either a regular criminal or involved in terrorism. Take your choice. She is guilty as sin. She is no innocent.

However, Prouty's history of fraud and her criminal conviction should make her ineligible for either legal permanent residency and citizenship. At least in a normal law abiding commonweal. But this is the Obama Regime, where the law and the Constitution are not neither guiding principles or mandates. They are suggestions at best, to be twisted, perverted, and ignored at worst. And it is the worst.

So, the second choice is the most likely reason, aside from the Regime's lawlessness, that accounts for Prouty not being deported. She threatened to reveal all to whomever, most likely Iran, if she was deported. And the Regime gave her what she wants, an eventual return of the citizenship she fraudulently obtained.

“Prouty told CBS News she's applied for full citizenship.”

And, in another journalistic total fail, there is no such thing as "full" citizenship. You are either a citizen or not. It is like the morons who refer to "legal" citizenship. Do you think there is such a thing as "illegal" American citizenship?

Stupidity and mendacity. The scourge of this Republic.

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