“Now Is The SPRING Of Our Discontent” —Help VDARE.com Bring About Climate Change!
May 11, 2017, 05:17 PM
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New England Spring pic of VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow with daughter Victoria Beauregard, age two, who is the 6th generation on her mother’s side to bear name of Hero of Fort Sumter. (To hell with you, Mitch Landrieu!) Peter is considering seasonal haircut depending on finances.

Since we launched VDARE.com on Christmas Eve 1999, we’ve seen the cause of Patriotic Immigration Reform go through many crises:

  • The repeated efforts of the GOP under President George W. Bush to commit suicide, taking America with it, by passing Amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • The election of Barack Obama, along with veto-proof Democratic Congressional majorities, which would have meant Amnesty and Open Borders if Obamacare had not been his obsession (and/or he feared the Patriot backlash).
  • And the nomination of Hillary Clinton on a platform of Amnesty, Open Borders and increased “Refugee” Admissions—what we refer to at VDARE.com as “the full Merkel,” emulating the German Chancellor’s crazy coup d’état against her own nation.
We were able to fight them all—but only because of your support.

Now we face an entirely different problem—which, we should emphasize, could become a solution.

My headline, referring to the “SPRING of our discontent,” is an allusion to the play Richard III by one of those dead white males American students used to learn about.

I’m discontented because, after his miraculous victory in last November’s presidential election, Donald J. Trump has not yet been able to put a dent in America’s immigration disaster. His Executive Orders face sabotage from Leftist judges. The Congressional GOP has passed absolutely no legislation to cut immigration. There are disturbing rumors of betrayal on DACA and other campaign promises. Even so, there is progress.

Trump’s mere presence has reportedly deterred the illegal inflow and even better, there have been signs that some illegals in the country are up and leaving. As VDARE.com has been saying for years, it can be done!

But it’s SPRING because Trump is in the White House. And his party does control Congress. VDARE.com spearheaded the creation of the intellectual climate which enabled these things. Our reward? For the first time since VDARE.com came into existence, there is a direct, visible path to dramatic action. It could come any time.

That’s why the other side—what VDARE.com calls “The Treason Lobby” because they want to drown the American nation—is so hysterical.

They absolutely believed that they were about to finish Electing A New People and lock in a permanent Leftist majority.

Trump’s victory stopped them. But only temporarily—it is up to us to keep the climate hot for patriotic immigration reform!

Remember, that VDARE.com mapped out what became Trump’s path to victory as far back as 2000, when we argued the key was to mobilize the white working class around the issue of immigration. It worked.

Remember, that we said before Trump even declared for the Presidency that it would only take one speech to bring the immigration issue into politics. That worked too.

Remember, that we’ve consistently said that victory would come from the grassroots, not from inside-the-Beltway maneuvering, which is why our strategy has always been to get the truth out, for free, to ordinary Americans. I don’t think it is even debatable – if VDARE.com did not exist, Donald Trump would not be in the White House.

The November 2016 election vindicated us on every point.

This is why we are so confident that we know the way forward to make this patriotic victory permanent.

America’s future hangs in the balance.

And VDARE.com’s future hangs in the balance too. We are a tiny organization—our entire budget is less than the salary of the heads of some Beltway organizations—and we operate hand-to-mouth. We need $80,000 to carry us through the next few months. This amount will cover our base operating expenses and provide the seed money for a few exciting new programs we’re rolling out (stay tuned!).

This could be the final push for keeping America American. Our effectiveness is completely contingent on your support. Please give your most generous gift, today. For America,



Peter Brimelow

Editor, VDARE.com


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