Now, About That Anti-White Hate Crime Trend Story in the Virginian-Pilot...
May 02, 2012, 06:15 AM
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Two weeks after the fact, and buried well into the story, the Virginian-Pilot lets slip that two of its own reporters were beaten by a black mob.

A beating at Church and Brambleton,  By Michelle Washington, The Virginian-Pilot,  May 1, 2012

Last year, when this happened to a white journalist at, of all places, The Onion, I had to note that the media wouldn`t face up to racial reality even if racial reality came right up and smacked it.

This apparently remains the case.

The editorialist (it`s chuckle-inducing that this had to be handled by an editorial writer) sidesteps the racial issue, though we should credit her for digging up the retaliation-for-Trayvon tweet.

Does anyone suppose that the victims, Dave Forster   and Marjon Rostami   (not sure how white she is, but to the mob, she probably counted as white — proving John Derbyshire right).   will have anything to say?

Will their minds be changed?

I`d love to hear from them.  

Both appear to be everyday shoe-leather reporters covering local crime and politics, a few years in but not too grizzled.  In other words, not yet in a position with bigger sway in the journalism world.  Will they rise?  Will this experience bring a touch of reality to some of those editorial meetings?  Will they continue in journalism at all?  Start exploring forbidden realms, like the science of racial difference?

I sometimes want to sit the entire media down in a massive auditorium somewhere and say, "Guys, seriously, your treatment of race is so far removed from what normal people experience every day and what people actually think that it`s kind of bizarre.  Please tell me you get that.  Please tell me you`d break free from that, but aren`t sure how.  Please admit that you at least see that your story goes one way, but the reader comments go a totally different way."

And I`d like to think that instances like the Forster/Rostami beating will have that effect, but I`m not betting on it.  Few forces on Earth are as powerfully resistant to change as the media`s political correctness.