Nothing Gringo? Promises, Promises...
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So there is supposed to be this cataclysmic event on May 1...the "Day Without an Immigrant" protest.

Now don't get your hopes up as I did—the title is misleading. It sadly does not mean that all of them are leaving the U.S.

Several Mexican activist groups are urging folks to stay home from work and to not spend money for one day. Apparently, this will show all the Gringos that illegal immigrants are vital to our workforce and a powerhouse niche of our market economy.

In short, that Americans just can't make it without them.

Abandoning all pretense of logic, the Mexican government has joined the fray. Mexican nationals have been asked to boycott American businesses in Mexico as a show of solidarity for their compatriots north of the border.

They are calling it "Nothing Gringo"

Groups ask Mexicans to boycott U.S. firms by Mark Stevenson, Associated Press Writer April 14, 2006

When I read the article, my first reaction was... so what? Then they started listing the various businesses that Mexicans should aviod both in Mexico and the U.S.

Wal-mart was one of the biggies.

Hee hee...Wal-mart! The Mexican Mecca...the Holy's like cutting off their nose to spite their face.

It's actually quite funny: Mexico wants to take on the United States and the best they can do is not go to work and not buy 800 rolls of toilet paper for $3.26 at Wal-mart.

Let's switch this around...if we wanted to cripple Mexicans all we would have to do is shut down Wal-mart!

There is an upshot to all this. I haven't been able to shop at Wal-mart here in California in years due to the language barrier...I don't speak Spanish so I've never been able to communicate with the store clerks well enough to find the 800 rolls of toilet paper for $3.26.

Maybe this is my shot! If illegal aliens skip work on May 1, Wal-mart will undoubtedly have to hire temporary workers from the normal pool of American workers—the Gringos!!

Wal-mart employees who speak English...ah, it was but a a very real possiblity.

This I gotta see...I'm going to Wal-mart May 1st and buying all the industrial sized, bulk bin household products I can fit in my gas-guzzling SUV...even if I don't need them or even know what the product is for...which I likely will not.

In closing let me say this:

The use of racial slurs by these Mexican activists in America and indeed, the Mexican government did not go unnoticed by me...I simply have become all too aware of the double-standard that serves as the foundation of our racial conscience.

That being said...thanks Wetbacks! Ouch...hurts, don't it?

You will not succeed in making even the slightest dent to our economy but you are succeeding well in the area of offending everybody and alienating the handful of Americans who still support your cause.

So keep up the good work and if you can manage it, wave a few more Mexican flags—that's a real crowd pleaser!

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