Not Okay to be White in Toronto
November 06, 2017, 07:38 AM
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From Global News:

Signs intended to create racial tension posted at University of Toronto

By Mark Carcasole

Reporter Global News

A series of controversial posters already spotted on school campuses in many parts of the U.S. and in Edmonton and Saskatoon have popped up on at least one campus in Toronto.

The signs reading “it’s okay to be white,” may be offensive to some, but that would be playing right into the hands of those responsible. It’s part of an online gag aimed specifically at raising racial tensions.

“I don’t think it’s ever not been okay to be white,” laughed U of T student Daniel Rebelo while walking to class.

“I feel like that’s such a weird view to have considering how persecuted people of other races are.”

Marcella Bollers works and goes to school at the university. She refers to the posters as “sad, pathetic and funny,” attributing them to people who feel threatened by equality.

“Racialized people are pushing back and they’re being heard more. I think the media are paying attention to them more and I think the momentum is building … and people don’t like that,” she said.

… “We were alerted to the posters by members of the community, and immediately notified Campus Police, who have also notified Toronto Police,” said an email for the school’s media relations team.

“Posters that don’t comply with procedures are removed by caretaking and grounds staff. Messages like this are antithetical to the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” the statement continued.

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