Not Just Hmong Murder Or Hmong Welfare, Hmong Immigration Fraud
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Hmong GangstersThe Hmong have branched out from callous mass murder and welfare dependency, they are using their privileged position in America to engage in immigration and employment fraud.  

Usually the Hmong donut shop owners depend on the extended family to make up for the long hours and low profit margins that the retail donut business requires.  

However, as Hmong immigration has slowed and the welfare state provided fewer incentives to work, what little work the Hmong do has become more difficult.  The Hmong have branched out into the Slave Power.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Press Release September 13, 2013

Houston Mom and Son Donut Shop Owners Charged with Witness Tampering

HOUSTON—Kim Hout Lor, 66, and Bun Vireak Long, 19, have been taken into custody on charges of tampering with witnesses in a pending official proceeding, announced United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson today. Lor is also charged with making false statements...

According to allegations, the mother and son operated a donut shop in Porter called Pat’s Donuts, Kolaches, & Tacos, which had been under an investigation by the Department of Labor (DOL)-Wage and Hour Division for allegedly not properly compensating its work force.

Lor allegedly withheld information from investigators about undocumented aliens under her employment, the total number of employees she employed, and the number of hours her employees worked, according to the indictment. Additionally, Lor and Long allegedly contacted witnesses and undocumented aliens they employed during the pending investigation to intimidate, threaten, or corruptly persuade them in an effort to influence or prevent their testimony to DOL investigators.

One can admire the few Hmong who leave the siren song of welfare, and donuts were one of the few successes for Hmong immigrants.  However, it is clear that the Hmong, as for many immigrant groups, they just can't make it in the United States.  Time to end Hmong immigration and that of other groups that fail in a modern society.

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