Not Black, Latin—Blacks Don't Think Black Cubans Count As Black In The Major Leagues
March 19, 2017, 03:47 PM
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Following up the brouhaha in which white liberals got mad at Samuel L. Jackson for saying that the hit movie “Get Out” should have employed an African-American rather than an African-British leading man for distracting from the unity of the Hate YT mood, commenter Countenance notes:
To prove that black Americans are as interested in nationality as much as they are race, when black Americans complain about the lack of blacks in MLB, they are not mollified by the presence of black or mulatto Spanish language native Caribbeans or Latinos. They mean black Americans.

If Yasiel Puig’s distant ancestors were dropped off the slave ship in Virginia instead of Havana, he would be named Darnell Richardson, and be lauded as an example of blacks in MLB.

This raises an interesting question of how big a role does language play in racial solidarity. African-Americans don’t see Spanish-speaking Yasiel Puig as one of them, at least when complaining about how white people should do more for Diversity in MLB.

On the other hand, Daniel Kaluuya can do a pretty persuasive imitation of an African-American accent. It apparently sounds bogus to an expert ear like Samuel L. Jackson’s. But to the average nice white American liberal, it seems fine and they don’t know what Jackson is complaining about.

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