Not All Republican Consultants Are As Useless As Karl Rove—GOP Consultant Mike McKenna Says Amnesty Is Idiotic For GOP
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Not all Republican consultants are as useless and dangerous as, say, Karl Rove.

In March, 2012 GOP Consultant Mike McKenna accurately predicted GOP non-voting for Romney, i. e. the lack of white turnout/support that cost Romney the election.

But Mike McKenna, a GOP consultant from Richmond, Va., said Romney's struggles in the primaries and caucuses point to serious problems this fall.... McKenna, who conducts focus groups and polls, sees ominous trends. He predicts that one-fourth to one-third of all Republicans "will not vote for Romney" if he's the nominee this fall. [GOP activists fear primary takes a toll on Romney, By Charles Babington | Associated Press, March 8, 2012]

In March, 2013 he now says amnesty is idiotic for the GOP. McKenna attacked the GOP amnesty movement in a recent Washington Times interview:

Republican strategist Michael McKenna said it was curious that immigration was the one specific change called for by the party hierarchy.

“It is ridiculous that the only policy statement is that we need to support comprehensive immigration reform,” he said. “You can support immigration reform for moral reasons, for philosophical reasons, or for economic reasons. But if you are a Republican and supporting it for political reasons, you are an idiot who cannot read or understand survey data.”[GOP road map: Immigration reform, fewer debates, $10M for minority outreach,  By David Sherfinski, The Washington Times, March 18, 2013]

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