Norwegia, Scandihoovia, Scowegia, and The King Of Sweden
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You all know that it's the King Of Sweden who gives the Nobel Prizes, with a huge dinner and everything. But why is it the Norwegian Parliament, (known as the Storting) that gives the Nobel Peace Prize? Well, the problem is that most people can't tell one part of Scandinavia from another, so I'll let Lene Johansen, (pictured) who I think is from Norwegia, or one of those, explain:

"Alfred Nobel's testament assigned the responsibility of the Peace Prize to the Norwegian parliament, which is called the Storting. When Nobel died in 1896, Norway was not yet independent, though there was local self-rule. Thus the Norwegians would be in charge of the Peace Prize because they would be able to keep the Prize untainted from national political concerns.
Norway gained independence in 1905 and gained control over its own foreign policy. The Storting selects the Nobel Committee, but the tradition is to select emeritus members of the political community that are no longer in active politics."[The Truth About Obama's Nobel PrizeNobel Prize Committee Chair Thorbjørn Jagland is shamelessly seeking the spotlight. October 13, 2009]

Of course, now that Norway does have its own foreign policy, it seems to have been using its Nobel picks in an attempt to influence American policy. As Steve Sailer has explained, adopting Scandinavian ideas in America is not a good idea.

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