Norm Matloff Suggests Readers Write To The Washington Post About H-1Bs
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Norm Matloff just sent out an email suggesting that his readers write to the Washington Post explaining that H-1Bs are not "the best and the brightest"--they're the cheapest. Norm Matloff writes
Enclosed is an editorial from today's Washington Post, [Visas Needed | By keeping out needed high-tech workers, U.S. immigration policy pushes U.S. jobs abroad, March 25, 2008]outrageously calling for an expansion of the H-1B program. Recall that Bill Gates' wife sits on the Post's board.

I suggest that you write letters to the editor. To do so, go here and click Letter to the Editor. Keep it SHORT (250 words max). Let your draft sit for at least an hour, then revise it with a clearer head, before submitting.

The Post claims that most of the H-1Bs are "the best and the brightest." That is false, as can be seen by the salaries: The median salary for H-1Bs in the computer area is around $60K, this in a field in which the top people make way over $100K.

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