NordVPN's Cybersec Feature Blocks "Malicious," I.E., Wrongthinking Sites Including
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Earlier, by James Fulford: Censored by Corporate Software

A friend who has NordVPN, which as a VPN is reasonably priced and efficient, reported that he had to turn it off to access or American Renaissance. I knew this wasn't our fault, there's nothing wrong with our sites in the way of malware, or insecurity. I suspected what's called "Censorware," which is designed to keep people using library or work computers from accessing immoral websites.

But why would you want to do this to yourself? It turns out that NordVPN has a feature called "CyberSec," which is supposed to protect you from "ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites."


What they don't tell you is that "malicious" can include Wrongthinkful.

When you have CyberSec turned on and you try to go to, you don't get message saying "blocked," you just get a message saying you can't connect.

The good thing about this feature is you can uncheck it and make it stop working. That way you can access with your VPN on, in, as far as I can see, perfect safety.

In NordVPN Settings/General, if you see this, and the CyberSec button is blue, it's on, and blocking things you may want to go to:

If you see this, and the CyberSec button is white, it's off.

Of course, if you're reading this, you already have it turned off, or you're not using NordVPN. But if you can't get through to, it may not be our fault.

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