Noose Nonsense: Home Depot Paused Selling Rope In Spools To Prevent It Being Used "To Create Hate Symbols"
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In 2022, I wrote an article called We’ve Seen Enough: This Noose Nonsense Is Ultimately About Intimidating Whites, which was picked up and crossposted on

“Responding to my statement that this kind of “Hate Hysteria happens partly because no-one knows what true nooses look like anymore“ one commenter responded that

Anything that looks like a noose (loops) or can be made into a noose is inherently racist.

from a CNN article way back in 2020:

In early June, as the nation faced widespread protests over the killing of George Floyd, a Charlotte resident said she found two nooses hanging in a local Home Depot. She told a local news station she was shocked to find the knots displayed openly on store shelves.

Home Depot (HD) released a statement saying it was “appalled and disturbed by the incident.”

But it wasn’t the first time Home Depot was alerted to nooses in its stores. As a result, the company has decided to sell shorter, pre-cut lengths of rope instead of rope wrapped on large spools.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had some instances where spooled rope was used to create hate symbols and we’re not going to tolerate it,” Home Depot spokesperson Margaret Smith told CNN Business on Thursday.

Good job, Home Depot. If I need a long piece of rope I can always by [sic] multiple precut short pieces and tie them together with woke square knots. Thanks.

Here’s the story, just a week after George Floyd Overdose/Memorial Day, 2020:

And they link to a story that, unusually for a noose hysteria story, shows ropes that look more or less like the traditional hangman’s noose (The Ashley Book Of Knots number 366):

So it really was tied by some worker or customer, as a protest, joke or hoax—depending on the race or age of the tier. But it’s still completely mental, a sign of nation-wide psychosis, to treat ropes in loops like this.

At least no one went to jail as a result.

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