Nobel Committee Announces Pre-Emptive Surrender to Diversity
October 09, 2017, 07:46 PM
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As I began mentioning more than a decade ago, the hard science Nobel Prizes have been an impressive hold0ut from the Cult of Diversity. But … from the Associated Press:

The Latest: For 2nd year, no women among Nobel winners

For the second consecutive year, there were no women among the 2017 Nobel prize laureates.

The head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences says the committees that choose Nobel Prize winners will meet this winter to discuss gender and ethnic diversity issues in the prestigious awards.

Goran Hannsson said after the announcement of the economics prize on Monday that “I hope in five years, 10 years, we’ll see a very different distribution.”

Each of the six prizes is chosen by a different committee, three of which are currently headed by women. …

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