No Kidding, Sherlock—Canadian Study Says "Cut immigration during recessions"
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From the National Post:

"Canada should reduce immigration during deep economic recession, say the authors of a detailed analysis of the earnings of immigrants over their first 10 years in the country that also touts the benefits of selecting newcomers based on earning potential.

Canada should emphasize skill-assessed immigrants because their earning power “consistently and substantially” out-performed other classes of newcomers, the study says.

Written by two Queen’s University professors and released by the Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network Wednesday, the study calls on policy makers to look closely at how rapidly immigrants are integrating into the Canadian labour market as the wage gap between immigrants and Canadian-born workers widens.

“In setting immigration policy and targets, it is important to know how well immigrants in these different admission categories have done, and which have produced better earnings outcomes,” say authors Charles Beach, professor of economics, and Michael Abbott, associate professor of economics."[Cut immigration during recessions: study, Adrian Humphreys  September 1, 2011 ]

The question I'd like answered is why aren't all economists saying this?

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