No Hate Crime Reform In New Hampshire—Unfortunately
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Four members of the New Hampshire General Court made a valiant effort to repeal the state's hate crime statutes.

Rep. Elbert Bicknell, author of House Bill 136 which was defeated today by a vote of 298-48 argued:

"The sponsors of this bill agree and uphold the constitutional idea that all men are created equal," the Northwood representative said. "But we believe all are equal, not because of the law, but before it."

He argued that crime is determined by actions not thinking.

"Real criminality must be accompanied by evidence," he argued before the full House Tuesday.

"Enhanced penalties punish people for what they are thinking—or for what others think they are thinking."

Bicknell and his three co-sponsors deserve applause for ignoring the artificial controversy [and potential retaliation from the SPLC, ADL et al.] that seems to shelter hate crime statutes from legitimate examination by objective policymakers. 

If you'd like to thank them for their efforts:

·        Rep. Elbert Bicknell, R-Northwood [email]

·        Rep. Robert Giuda, R-Warren [email]

·        Rep. Daniel Itse, R-Fremont [email]

·        Sen. Robert Boyce, R-Alton Bay [email]

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