Nine Invasive Mexicans Killed in Texas Crash
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To read the dinosaur media, you would think that illegal immigration from the parasitic neighbor next door has practically stopped. Last July, the diversophile elites at the New York Times declared that “Mexican migration. . . sputtered to a trickle.”

More recently, the Christian Science Monitor framed an article similarly: “Home again in Mexico: Illegal immigration hits net zero.”

If only it were true that the Mexodus has ended.

On ground level, it appears that many actual Mexicans have not received the memo that nobody is fleeing any more. Someone should tell them that Mexico has a booming economy, or so it is claimed. The Mexes keep coming, at least judging by the vans stuffed full of job thieves that continue to break in.

One recent example: nine illegal aliens killed in south Texas in a full-up van that flipped over.

9 suspected illegal immigrants die in Texas wreck, Associated Press, April 11, 2012

A van overstuffed with suspected illegal immigrants rolled and crashed after fleeing a traffic stop in a South Texas border city, leaving at least nine Mexican citizens dead and injuring six others, officials said Wednesday.

Immigration authorities have eight survivors of the wreck in custody, according to Enrique Mendiola, acting assistant chief for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector. He said no one has been charged and an investigation is ongoing.

Border Patrol agents stopped the van in Palmview, 10 miles west of McAllen, on Tuesday night. Some of the passengers immediately sprinted away and agents pursued them on foot, catching one, Mendiola said.

But as the foot chase unfolded, the van sped off.

The agents came across the wreck three or four blocks away on U.S. 83. The scene was strewn with backpacks and water bottles and nine bodies lay scattered nearby, he said.

The van was demolished, but several managed to flee the wreck, Palmview police Cmdr. Lenny Sanchez said. The vehicle had been gutted to accommodate far more than the eight people it was designed to carry, he said.

Six people were taken to a hospital and three of them were later released to authorities, Sanchez said. All of them are in the custody of Border Patrol, he said. One of the men who fled subsequently turned himself in: Palmview police handed him over to immigration authorities, Sanchez said.

It wasn’t clear how many people from the van remained on the loose.

Mendiola said most of those involved in the crash were from Mexico. Sanchez said all those who died were Mexican citizens, but he declined to provide the nationalities of those who survived. He said authorities believed they entered the country illegally.

Many of the dead came from the southern state of Oaxaca, one of the poorest regions of Mexico, according to Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington. Consular officials were interviewing survivors and gathering information on the dead to assist their families with repatriation of the bodies.

A 23-year-old woman who lives nearby told the McAllen Monitor that she didn’t see the accident happen but that several victims seemed to be alive in the immediate aftermath.

“The bodies were everywhere,” Diana Castillo said. “It’s really sad because they came over here to live a better life and then they lost their lives.”

Anna Garza, a 56-year-old woman who also lives near the scene of the crash said “lots of helicopters came really quickly, I think to take the wounded to the hospital.”

I would love to see the costs to the American taxpayer toted up in a few months after all the hospitalized illegals have been released and their medical bills can be examined. “Lots of helicopters” — what’s the price tag for that? Plus all the police work, shipping the bodies home, the cost of sending the survivors back.

At least no Americans were hurt.

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