Nike CEO: Remove The Stigma That Holds Murderers Back
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Las Vegas Raiders NFL coach Jon Gruden just got fired for writing politically deplorable private emails a decade ago. In contrast …

From the Daily Mail:

Nike Jordan chairman Larry Miller, 72, reveals he murdered an innocent teen when he was a gang member in 1965 and served time in jail: Has kept it secret from Michael Jordan and the sports giant until now

Larry Miller, 72, is publicly sharing how he fatally shot 18-year-old Edward White, a rival gang member, when he was 16 years old

Miller served time for the crime and says continuing to keep his past a secret ‘was eating me up inside’

He shot the fellow teen after a member of White’s gang stabbed and killed one of Miller’s friends and fellow gang members

Miller shared that in wake of the stabbing, he stood at the corner of 53rd and Locust Streets and fired the .38-caliber gun into the first person he saw
That shot killed instantly White, whose involvement in the stabbing is unknown

Miller hopes his story will help others, specifically at-risk youth, from making a similar mistake

His book Jump: My Secret Journey from the Streets to the Boardroom will be available on January 18, 2022

PUBLISHED: 14:17 EDT, 14 October 2021

… Miller has not revealed exactly what he was charged with in connection to White’s death or how long he spent in jail, but did indicate he was in and out of juvenile detention and prison for various offenses between the ages of 13 and 30.

… No photos of White have been shared, and members of his family have yet to comment.

Nike, famed for its desire to present itself as one of the United States’ wokest corporations, has come out in support of its CEO with a gushing statement.

CEO John Donahue gushed: ‘Larry Miller has played an influential role in Nike history and is a beloved member of the Nike family.

‘His story is an example of the resilience, perseverance and strength of the human spirit. I hope his experience can create a healthy discourse around criminal justice reform, by helping remove the stigma that holds people and communities back.’

The stigma on murder disparately impacts blacks, so it’s got to go.

… He was able to get out of disclosing the murder, because most employers only asked for details of criminal convictions from the last five years.

In other words, for a black man with excellent accounting skills, there is surprisingly little suspicion on the part of corporate America.

… Silver echoed Nike’s claims saying that although he was ‘stunned’ after having never hearing a ‘rumor or whisper’ of Miller’s criminal past, he was amazed by the businessman’s strength.

‘I then went from stunned to amazed that Larry had managed his long and very successful professional career, operating at the highest levels in our industry, with this secret firmly intact, and was ultimately left with a feeling of sadness that Larry had carried this burden all these years without the support of his many friends and colleagues,’ he said.

The kid he murdered, yeah, well, whaddaya whaddaya …

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