Stix On Brimelow's WND Op-Ed: Will GOP Future Be Sessions Or Adelson?
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I posted the following comment to Peter Brimelow's WND op-ed GOP does not have a Hispanic problem:

The GOP is led by people who act as though white, working-class voters all had cooties, and/or that a voting machine will somehow count each white, working-class vote as worth a mere fraction of a brown or black vote.

The ultimate question we keep coming back to is this: Can the GOP be saved, in spite of its current leaders, from within, by an immigration patriot like Sen. Jeff Sessions, or Sen. Ted Cruz, or will the gang dominating it (Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson, et al.) kill the party, rather than relinquish control of it?

The latter case would necessitate the birth of a new, populist, patriotic party openly geared towards whites. How much time is left, before the country becomes unsalvageable?

The people who have the GOP in a chokehold refuse to see that they are taking the country down a path that will inevitably lead to dictatorship, civil war, and/or genocide.

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