"Ngozi Fulani," Lady Susan Hussey, And Royalty
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Earlier: Ngozi Fulani Is Actually Marlene Headley

Steve Sailer writes, above:

So, the lady who calls herself Ngozi Fulani (an Igbo first named combined with a last name lifted from a different tribe), dresses like a discount store Queen of Zamunda in Coming to America, and who had the 83-year-old lady-in-waiting cancelled for asking where her people (i.e., her family) is from is really named Marlene Headley and her family was from Barbados.

I Tweeted this, from our Twitter account when the Lady Susan Hussey thing came up:

On the English panel show QI ten years ago, Stephen Fry talked about what the British Royal Family does at Christmas, including opening the presents on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Morning.

Stephen Fry: Why do [the Royal Family] open their presents on Christmas Eve?
Jo Brand: Because they’re all f***ingmad!
Stephen Fry: No—because they’re all f***ing Germans. It’s a German tradition.

The Royals are frequenlty referred to as ”German” by the British, although they’ve been English for hundreds of years.

When King George The Third, the son of a Hanoverian immigrant, ascended the throne of England, he made a speech in which he said ”Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton.

So if you’d asked the late Queen where she was really from, she would have explained politely that while she was born in Bruton St., London, daughter of an English royal and a Scottish noblewoman, her ancestry is from the Hanoverians who replaced the Stuarts in the eighteenth century, and more recently, due to Prince Albert’s heritage, from the house formerly named Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

If you asked the current King, Charles III, where he was really from, he’d explain that while his mother was born in Bruton St., etc. his father was a Greek royal born on the island of Corfu, but that the Greek royal family was  actually Danish.

The King of England is also neither as arrogant nor as privileged as Ngozi Fulani, and he’s not a phony either.

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