NFL As "Last Bastion" Of White Male Fans: Don't Watch Much Golf, Do You, Neal?
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For Reuters, Neal Gabler, author of An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, explains

NFL: Last sports bastion of white, male conservatives By Neal Gabler MAY 30, 2014
Countenance points out that NFL players are 66 percent black.

The reality is that the NFL fandom is America’s leading common denominator. Lots of sports have much whiter and more Republican fan bases: golf, hockey, the Olympics, even college football.

But that reminds me that somebody should do a study of the rise in the use of the terms “white men/man/male” in online headlines over the last four years. The Obama 2012 campaign seemed to give the big OK sign that it’s open season on white men in clickbait. After all, what are white men going to do other than click and leave a comment?

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