Next Step In The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty: "Deferred Action" For ALL Illegals
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While RINOs are all in for an amnesty, they hesitate because an amnesty will mean a split in the Republican Party, consequently there is no resolution on the issue.  However, the Regime is being prodded by the radical left to expand its ongoing Administrative Amnesty, and given the past behavior of the Regime, it does not have to be prodded too hard.  All it took for them to implement the first part of the Administrative Amnesty was a minor proposal by the Treason Bar.
The Washington Time October 24, 2013 by Stephen Dinan
Immigration Advocates Grow Impatient With Obama To Take Action
President Obama faces an increasingly tough tightrope on immigration, with advocacy groups demanding he take the lead on the issue but Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill saying the more involved he gets, the less likely a deal becomes.
Immigrant rights activists, who for years targeted Congress and congressional Republicans in particular, have turned some of their fire on Mr. Obama, arguing that he needs to show more leadership in working with Capitol Hill to strike a deal and in doing what he can unilaterally to stop deportations.
And by leadership they mean expanding the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.
That has left immigrant rights advocates arguing that Mr. Obama can take unilateral action.
They want him to expand his 2012 nondeportation order, which grants tentative legal status to young illegal immigrants, to include most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the country.
“Our position is that President Obama can actually do something today, right now,” Ms. Franco told The Washington Times.
She said if Mr. Obama took that step, it would force Republicans to confront the issue and could advance the debate.
Mr. Obama has said that while his nondeportation policy for young illegal immigrants was legal, he doubts he has the authority to do a blanket policy for all illegal immigrants. But the activists dispute that.
“It’s very clear that there is a legal way to do this. It’s a question of will he do it politically,” Ms. Franco said. “That’s why we’ve issued this call for nonviolent civil disobedience, focused on ICE, and being willing to name the president as partially responsible.”

The so-called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was not legal.  It extended benefits to illegal aliens for which there was no provision of law for those aliens to receive.  Furthermore, there is no Constitutional authority for the President to not enforce the laws of the United States, which, before the DACA amnesty, Barack Hussein Obama admitted.  However, ying is in the nature of cultural Marxists and Islamist sympathizers like Obama.. 

His current denial that he does not have any authority to expand his Administrative Amnesty fails to ring true, especially given his previous denial, which was shortly followed by a blatantly defying the law and the Constitution. 

The Regime's policy though was one well thought out, at least politically.  Well, at least the only minimal realization that there would be no political consequences for the amnesty from the RINOs led by John Boehner and Marco Rubio.  

Given the failure of the RINOs in the budget and national debt issue, one should expect shortly a major expansion of the Administrative Amnesty.

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