Newt Gingrich—"Fool Me Once"
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Newt Gingrich has just published a table comparing the broken promises of the Simpson-Mazzoli act, which became the IRCA Amnesty of 1986, with the promises the Axis of Amnesty is making in the new bill.[Fool Me Once Shame on You; Fool Me Twice Shame on Me| Comparing the 1986 and 2007 Political Promises on Immigration Enforcement, Gingrich Communications, June 11 2007, Newt Gingrich]

A sample is below (footnotes in the original) but the significance is in the fact that Gingrich, like many Establishment conservatives is abandoning Bush. You should also look at the "Then as now, people who want to control the border are called nativists ” section, with this quote from the 1986 version of Ted Kennedy:

[Simpson-Mazzoli] is an undeserved slap at millions of Hispanic citizens. In our zeal to control our borders, we should resist the temptation to break faith with the noble ideals of America’s immigrant heritage. This measure fails that test, and it should not be enacted into law.” (Senator Kennedy)[House and Senate Debate on the Conference Report. Congressional Record. 99th Congress., 2nd Session, 1986, 32377.]

But for the real broken promises, you have to go further back, to 1965:So Much for Promises - Quotes Re 1965 Immigration Act by Joe Fallon.

Enforcement Promises
Simpson-Mazzoli Debate (1986)
Bush-McCain-Kennedy (2007)
Then as now, the bill promises to have tough employer sanctions
“The bill reported by the conference—and I assure my colleagues that this is correct—contained the same essential elements that had passed this body, this Senate in years past ….Those essential things are employer sanctions, meaning penalties against those who knowingly hire illegal undocumented persons…”
(Senator Simpson)
“It has universal application of employer sanctions.  You sent us to conference to keep it, and we kept it. Finally, it has criminal sanctions.  You sent us to conference to keep it, and we kept it…With regard to employer sanctions, the conference agreement remains essentially the program previously approved by the House.  Criminal penalties for pattern or practice violations are preserved.”  (Rep. Mazzoli)

“In my judgment, employer sanctions are essential if this country is to regain control of its borders. Indeed, it is our sovereign responsibility to do so…” (Rep. Rodino)

“With only four workplace enforcement actions in 2005, a tough new policy must enforce realistic sanctions to deter illegal hiring.” (Senator Specter)
“Not only will this legislation finally accomplish the extraordinary goal of securing our borders, but it will also greatly improve interior enforcement and put employers on notice that the practice of hiring illegal workers simply will not be tolerated.” (Senator McCain)
“This bill also addresses other problems with the 1986 reform… Businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens will be punished.” (President Bush)
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