More good work from "Katie's Dad" (2)
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Thanks, JS, for pointing out that in my enthusiasm for Saturday’s posting by the Katie’s Dad blog, I inadvertently omitted to actually link to it! Just human error, I am afraid.

Katie’s Dad has returned to the fray with another forthright discussion , this time of the redeployment of the execrable Mike Pence

No sooner had Americans of Heritage exhaled a sigh of relief that yet another legislative attempt to redefine this nation into another Brazil had been averted, in stumbles Congressman Mike Pence with his gaggle of equally-stupid ideas about how to outsource the future determinations of who we are as a nation and a culture.

The more I think about Pence’s ideas, the more I’m left wondering whether or not this Hoosier Congressman is getting some sort of payoff from Helen Kriebel… or perhaps Ms. Kriebel has something on Congressman Pence that compels him to do her bidding.

I myself commented on last year’s Pence attempt to trick the American people:

The fact is Helen Krieble is a fully accredited member of the Cheap Labor Lobby, her plan is a fraud, and Mike Pence is a contemptible disgrace.

That remains my view.

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