News Of The 34 Million Green Cards Surfaces In The Legacy Press
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With a nod to, Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press has the story: US gov't seeks supplies for immigration documents (Yahoo News, October 22, 2014).

It includes this:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed to The Associated Press that it has published a draft contract proposal to buy the card stock needed to make work permits and Permanent Resident Cards, more commonly known as green cards. The proposal calls for providing material for at least 5 million cards a year, with as many as 9 million "during the initial period ... to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements." The contract calls for as many 34 million cards over five years.


USCIS spokesman Christopher Bentley described the proposal posted earlier this month [as] a routine contract solicitation.

"Solicitations of this nature are frequent practice," Bentley said. He said the number of immigration applications can rise "for any number of any reasons."

A "routine solicitation" for about seven times as many cards as would ordinarily be used over five years.


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