NEW YORKER: Illegal Immigrants Are Not Good Enough to Make It in Mexico So America Has to Keep Them
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In The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin inadvertently validates Donald Trump’s point that Mexico isn’t sending America its creme de la creme of Mexicans:

American Limbo While politicians block reform, what is happening to immigrant families?

Olga Flores’s children are U.S. citizens, but she remains at risk of being deported.

Olga Flores, the seventh of eleven siblings, was born in a small town in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo thirty-nine years ago. “There was no work,” she told me recently. “The only thing for a woman to do was to get married, have children, and cook for her whole life.” A job in a nearby city would have required a high-school certificate, but her education ended in middle school. So in January of 1998, when she was twenty-one, Flores arranged to come to the United States illegally. She took her first trip on an airplane, to northern Mexico, and made her way to Sonoyta, a town on the Arizona border.
In other words, this Mexican national wasn’t good enough for Mexico, so America must take her and her anchor baby descendants ad infinitum.

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