New York City’s Central Park Five Disgrace—One Of President Trump’s Finest Moments.
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I see Ann Coulter has posted Central Park Rape—Councilman Yusef Salaam STILL Guilty As Hell. This is a fine, definitive account of the facts around this 1989 crime and the misrepresentations that have been employed to attempt memory holing it.

Particularly resonant to us at VDARE was how the issue of the Jogger having a Walkman was handled:

How did Wise know a Walkman had been stolen if he wasn’t there?

This was such an important fact that the D.A. pushing for The Five’s convictions to be vacated lied about it.

As Peter Brimelow notes in LAWFARE CRISIS INTENSIFIES—Federal Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Dodges Protecting Our (And Our Writers’) 1A Rights From “Hyperpoliticized” NYAG Letitia James, we also have experienced the N.Y. A.G.’s office lying in Court presentations. They must think it their prerogative. 

On a more cheerful note a row about this case in 2016 enabled Donald Trump to show his steel. I posted Trump Right About Central Park 5—And Who Else Is Brave Enough To Say So?

Donald Trump struck a tremendous blow for honesty and realism today by rubbishing the politicized reversal of the 1989 Central Park 5 rape case: Years after the Central Park Five were exonerated, Trump still suggests they're guilty by Lisa Mascaro, Los Angeles Times, October7, 2016.

In retrospect, no wonder his current Stalinesque Show Trials seem unable to break him.

I added:

I have a personal input into this controversy. Some years later, long after the shock had faded, I was at a private dinner in New York where Linda Fairstein was present. Fairstein ran the prosecution of this case. She was already launched in her novelist career. She remarked, without any particular prompting, that the doctors who dealt with the victim judged that she had been raped by at least 30 men.

Ann notes in her piece:

It was always known that there were other rapists. Thus, in her summation to the jury, prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer said: ”Others, who were not caught, raped her and got away.”

Subsequently, in an outrageous piece of fraud—analyzed for us by Nicholas Stix here—then N.Y. Mayor Bill De Blasio and NYC D.A. Robert Morgenthau conspired to reverse the convictions and award the CP5 a total of $41 million.

In 2019 Netflix released When They See Us, which dramatized the CP5’s version and exaggerated the role of Linda Fairstein.

It is nice to see that the New York Courts are treating Fairstein’s defamation suit with much more consideration than VDARE’s action was handled.

In the New York Judicial process, it seems to be entirely a matter of Who/Whom.


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