New York City Billionaire Mayor and Mexican Billionaire Businessman Join Forces to Promote Immigration
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New York City Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the world's 20th-richest man,  has teamed up with Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas to promote more immigration into the U.S.

Richardo Salinas is the second-richest man in Mexico, after Carlos Slim (the richest man in the world). Salinas runs the TV Azteca network and the Grupo Elektra retailer and is the world's 37th-richest man.

Here are excerpts from the press release: Mayor Bloomberg and Ricardo Salinas Release Study on Immigration at the New York Forum (PR Newswire, May 22nd, 2012):

Michael R. Bloomberg , Mayor of the City of New York, and Mexican business leader  Ricardo Salinas released "Not Coming to America: Why the US is Falling Behind in the Global Race for Talent" at this morning's opening panel of the New York Forum in New York.  The report, commissioned by Partnership for New York City and Partnership for a New American Economy, and in collaboration with Fundación Azteca America, is a first-ever comparative study of the immigration reforms other countries employ to boost their economies and lure the high and low-skilled workers needed for continued economic growth...

Salinas, who founded the Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas, said: "When it comes to their impact on the US economy, immigrants consistently "punch above their weight." They have, after all, uprooted their lives and relocated, making them ambitious risk takers.  "Immigrants disproportionately bring the inventiveness and entrepreneurial energy that supercharges innovation in an economy."

So what business does a Mexican billionaire have in crafting U.S. immigration policy and lecturing Americans about it?  Why doesn't he use his own billions to create more jobs in Mexico?

Mayor Bloomberg also called for forcing cities to accept immigrants

"...they should deliberately force some places that don’t want immigrants to take them, because that is the only solution for these big hollowed-out cities where industry has left and is never going to come back unless you get some  people to move there.”

When you think of it though, isn't this already happening on a nationwide scale?   Americans are already forced to accept millions of immigrants, regardless of the consequences.   Isn't it time for the American people to stand up and say "enough is enough" ?

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