New Responsibilities For ICE “Special Victims Unit”: School Shootings And Gun Control—But Still No Immigration Enforcement
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Janet Napolitano has decided that the Department of Homeland Security will not just be America's Special Victims Unit.  Deciding to further ignore customs and immigration law enforcement and not content with child porn and prostitution arrests, DHS, presumably in the person of ICE SVU, will now be preventing or responding to school shootings.

Government Security News January 16, 2013 by Mark Rockwell

New Sweeping Gun Control Policy Proposals Involved Efforts From DHS, DOJ And FBI

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said her department had worked with the Justice Department and the FBI to identify measures that could be taken to reduce gun violence as part of the president’s new set of gun control policy proposals and executive actions.

Napolitano attended the White House gathering in which the new proposals and orders were unveiled. “In the aftermath of the tragic Newtown shooting, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), together with the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI have worked to identify measures that could be taken to reduce the risk of mass casualty shootings,” she said in a statement issued after the event.

“In the coming days, DHS will expand and formalize coordination of ongoing efforts intended to prevent future mass casualty shootings, improve preparedness, and to strengthen security and resilience in schools and other potential targets,” she said, adding that her department would work with all levels of government “to address five critical areas intended to reduce the risk of mass casualty shootings in the United States:  Prevention, Protection, Response, Education, and Research/Evaluation.”

This search by DHS for a mission other than that which it was created—customs and immigration law enforcement—is of no surprise given the opposition to immigration law enforcement evidenced by the Obama Regime, nor is it surprising that DHS' enabling legislation, the Homeland Security Act of 2002, is treated with contempt.  

Neither the law nor the Constitution has been considered a restraint by  the Obama Regime.

Harry Reid recently announced that any immigration reform, e.g. amnesty legislation, will not include any border security spending or enforcement mechanism.

The Hill January 18, 2013 by Daniel Strauss

Reid: No Immigration Reform Bill Will Pass Senate Without Pathway To Citizenship

Reid said the emphasis in a new immigration reform bill should not be on border security. 

"We have spent a huge amount of money on border security, and both our northern and southern borders are more secure," Reid said. "Frankly, Mexico is doing much better economically, and that has helped the issue a lot. We can’t build a fence of 3,000 miles because no matter how high we build it, they can build a ladder taller than that fence. So I think we have about expended our energy on border security."

The fix is in.  DHS will no longer make an effort to enforce immigration law, its budget will be cut and the resources it retains will be redirected to ICE SVU agents and Border Patrol Agents standing post at elementary schools.

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