Mexico Murder Rate Drops by 1%
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The 2012 Mexican murder rate was down 1% from the 2011 murder rate. Is this just a glitch, or could it be that drug war violence is finally decreasing? That remains to be seen.

I hope it is decreasing, and for several reasons. Besides general humanitarian reasons, and the fact that I travel in Mexico, a decrease in the violence is good for the immigration restrictionist cause in the U.S.

Mexican drug war violence is used by some open border boosters to promote their cause. Actually, most Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal, do not migrate here as refugees from the cartel wars. Most don't migrate for freedom, nor to become Americans.

They migrate for the money. But as long as the drug war violence rages, it's yet another excuse for mass immigration and amnesty. So, let's hope the violence really is decreasing.

For more information, see my latest Mexidata column, Looking at Mexico's Reported Decrease in the Murder Rate.

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