New Opportunity! Participate In VDARE's Podcast With Steve Sailer!
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See earlier: Steve Sailer: Send in Questions for My Book Club Podcast.

Despite the excellent help of our technical coordinator, no one can escape the occasional Boomer Tech Catastrophe. After recording a full podcast where Steve Sailer and James Kirkpatrick answered your reader questions about America's Half Blood Prince: Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance, the worst occurred—and all was lost.

What does this mean for you? 

You have a second chance! All previous questions sent will be answered, but if you had been kicking yourself for forgetting something, now is your opportunity to ask! Email with any additions before 5pm EST Monday, October 26th for inclusion. 

Even better...

While our previous podcasts have been exclusive to Book Club members only, we simply could not keep this content under wraps (is it time for Halloween puns yet?). So we will be releasing this episode for all ears! Stay tuned on Tuesday October 27th to finally hear everything you wanted to know about Obama according to Steve Sailer.

Even better x 2...

We're giving you a second chance to win a copy of America's Half Blood Prince: Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance! We're holding a second raffle where one lucky Book Club member will win a copy of Steve Sailer's book. So sign up here by Monday at 5pm Eastern to make sure you're in the running! 

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