New, POWERLINE Weighs In On Kaus Case
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Mickey Kaus has, as a I predicted in Mickey Kaus Quits DAILY CALLER–Bookmark, taken back his URL, and is now making it a platform for his tweets, plus whatever longform things he wants to post, without asking Tucker Carlson:

Powerline's Scott Johnson covers the fact of the case, and asks this:

Kaus’s column raises a question that extends beyond the subject of his column or the facts of this case. The dominance of FOX News within the sphere of center-right news and commentary is overwhelming. What significant conservative organ of news and opinion does not have a close relationship with FOX News through ownership (the Wall Street Journal) or contractual relationship with reporters or editors or columnists? Not many.

Does the dominance of FOX News constrain conservative criticism of FOX News itself? It is a question that warrants further discussion in light of Kaus’s case.[The Kaus Case, March 19, 2015]

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