New Idahoan wants to bring California with him
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Sometimes you have to wonder about the tin ear of the Treason Lobby. Take Larry Craig’s Brave Stance on Immigration By Nathaniel Hoffman New West.Net September 15 2007.

This extraordinary piece is devoted to praising Senator Larry Craig (ID), of all people, while sneering contemptuously at those who oppose mass immigration

When the nativist hissing sounds start at the back of the room, most politicians run… more temporary guest worker visas were opposed by immigrant rights groups, organized labor, Democrats and a wedge group of xenophobic Republicans. ( emphasis.)

Hoffman thinks Craig is wonderful because of his acquisition by Idaho’s Cheap Labor lobby, which he documents. He illustrates this by quoting our old friend Craig Reggelbrugge, lobbyist for the open-borders American Nursery and Landscape Association, ludicrously described as

a group that has worked for more than a decade for reasonable immigration reform in the agricultural sector.

( Peter Brimelow noted Reggelbrugge’s arrogant elitism when reporting the lobbying build-up for Amnesty in 2005, quoting him on the GOP:

"But the party’s going to have to choose between the closed-minded restrictionists and the business base. Who’s really the base of the base? Farmers and businesspeople, or the others?”

That is the point of course. Who is the base, a.k.a. the Nation. Citizens, or a miasma of financial interests? Tell Regelbrugge. )

In evaluating Craig’s possible replacements from the point of view of who will be most subservient to the Cheap Labor crowd, Hoffman does quote the remarkable Robert Vasquez (who actually is heroic):

Idaho-based anti-immigration activist Robert Vasquez, who had initially planned to run for Larry Craig’s Senate seat next year, said that none of the people Gov. Otter is considering for the appointment will go far enough in combatting illegal immigration. ”If any one but me is appointed to Larry Craig’s seat, there will be absolutely no change in the status quo vis a vis the illegal aliens in America and Idaho,” Vasquez told me in an email.

Otherwise he displays no interest in or knowledge of the reasons Idahoans might object to Mexicanisation.

Why is Larry Hoffman, who says

He has published stories from Mexico, Cuba, Israel, Palestine and from many dark alleys stateside.

so blind to the costs of mass immigration to his fellow Rocky Mountain area neighbors? It is not as if he has not seen the consequences — he recently left the Bay Area’s Contra Costa Times to move to Boise, Idaho. Since he started writing for New West in June, 40% of his filings have been immigration boosterism.

Fortunately, as often is the case — when give a chance - with simplistic immigration celebratory journalism, readers have been eloquent with puncturing comments:

What is so brave about supporting the cheap-labor lobby? Agribusiness and other supporters of cheap labor give tons of money to politicians…

So you think Larry Craig is standing up for America???? No, you don't! Declare your support for foreign nationals over US Citizens, just like Larry Craig and be done with it! Traitor!...

It was the public, we the people, not a radical minority, that at last rose up this summer and let congress know that we had had enough of their war on the middle class. For too long, emboldened by a silent public, congress has pandered to business and ethnic voting blocs in disserving the public.

Ask Hoffman why he wants to Californicate Idaho.

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