New Hampshire's Ayotte For VP: Reward Cowardice!
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Senator Kelly Ayotte - Inside The Beltway, timidity pays off?

In response to my Saturday blog Documented: Refugees Stressing New Hampshire  I was disgusted to receive from a kind friend Ayotte a Hill fave for VP  By Paul Bedard Washington Examiner April 26 2012


Top congressional officials, especially those associated with the Tea Party, are talking her up as a perfect pick if the presumptive nominee wants a woman veep.

Are there any “Top congressional officials” associated with the Tea Party?


Clearly what is happening here is the GOP Establishment is rewarding Ayotte for her cowardice in conforming to the party line despite her use of the immigration issue in the 2010 primary campaign in New Hampshire.

Friends associated with DC Immigration Patriot outfits (anonymous for obvious reasons) say Ayotte and her staff will make sensible noises on Immigration/Refugee matters when pressed. That is worth nothing.

Ayotte is holding Town hall meetings next month. I hope New Hampshire friends of attend.

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