Neocons Eyeing Obama
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From the Wall Street Journal's editorial page:

Will Obama Bring Home the Neocons? On immigration, the family, even defense, there is common ground.

"Neoconservative" and "neocon" have become terms of abuse, denoting right-wing extremism. But the original neoconservatives began mostly as left-leaning intellectuals who only deserted the Democratic Party after it fell under the influence of the counterculture during the Vietnam War. With Barack Obama about to become president, is there any chance neoconservatives will finally return to the roost?...

Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out.

Now that seething hostility toward immigrants and the heartless work-place roundups of illegal aliens carried out by the Bush administration have brought the GOP low, neoconservative intellectuals will find little common ground with those Republicans who helped drive away Hispanic voters and marched their party off the electoral cliff. If Mr. Obama pushes for immigration reform that balances humaneness with respect for the rule of law, he will almost certainly draw in some neoconservatives.

Oh, so that's why the co-author of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill lost!

It is too early to say which way Mr. Obama will really swing in foreign affairs. But if it is toward resolve in the war against Islamic terrorism — with an occasional humanitarian intervention thrown in — he may well garner waves of support from quarters that were avidly tearing him down right up until Nov. 4.

"Waves" is putting it grandly — Republican-voting Jews must have accounted for less than half a percent of the vote in 2008.

On the other hand, if he extends an olive branch to the neoconservatives ... he might pick up some surprising allies. He might also fracture the opposition's idea machine and help turn the Republicans back into the stupid party for years to come.

Yeah, without neocon brainpower, the poor dumb bastards won't come up with any more great ideas like starting a needless land war in Asia.

As a convenience for all the neocons out there, here's the District of Columbia form you have to fill in to change your party registration from Republican to Democrat.

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