Neo-Cons Double Down On Illegal Immigration
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Roger Simon, neo-con extraordinaire from La-La land has decided that a republican form of representative government is unacceptable to him and other of our lairds and masters. Apparently the decisions by our representatives acting collectively in an Act of Congress is irrelevant when it comes to the entente cordiale between the neo-con ultra-rich and their illegal alien peons:

PJMedia November 29, 2011 Roger L. Simon

Sowell On Ice: Gingrich On Immigration

Sowell lost me right there. What “American people” is he talking about? As a forty-year resident of Southern California, I can attest… indeed would even swear on the proverbial dead grandmother… that the vast majority of the middle and upper middle classes of my state — Democrat, Republican, or independent — have been knowingly employing illegal aliens for decades. They may have felt guilty or ambivalent about it, but they voluntarily used illegal aliens to build their houses, pick their fruit, mow their lawns, wash their laundry, babysit their kids, etc., etc.

Until relatively recently, when the economy went sour, everyone I knew employed illegal aliens one time or another, except for those who planned on running for office. (And many of them, as it has turned out, did too.)

So Sowell is asking us to believe in some mythological “American people.” In the real world it was something else again. There was an entente cordiale between the illegal aliens and those that employed them. It was all a big wink.

Just as the Obama Regime has nothing but contempt for the Constitution, so does Simon and his fellow criminals. Laws are for the petty folk, those yokels who can't afford servants. Americans express their collective decision making power through our national legislature, created by the Constitution. That is the American people expressing themselves. We are not a myth. I wonder what Simon would say if some said the "Jewish people" were a myth? He would blow a gasket. I bet if someone said "Hispanic people" were a myth, he would blow a gasket. As a matter of fact he endorses the existence of the "Latino people:"

"And this is without even going near another obvious truth — that a Republican proposal to deport eleven million illegal aliens would throw the entire Latino vote to Obama, virtually reassuring his reelection."

So, not only does Simon have contempt for the American people and our Constitution, but he is a racist, allowing for "Latino" people and vote, but not for American people, by which he clearly means white law abiding Christian hard working lower and middle class people.

Oh, and would someone point out to this moron that the "Latino" vote is already in Obama's pocket?



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