NC 7th GOP Aspirant Outed As Cheap Labor Lobby Servant By Brilliant Opponent
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At a bleak time for the Immigration Patriot cause, with the Presidential outcome dubious and the Congressional Republican leadership demonstrably on the other side, it is a pleasure to see an able champion in action.

This is Ilario Pantano, who is fighting State Senator David Rouzer for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.

In the course of the 18 minute clip below, Pantano got his opponent on the record as favoring Amnesty and large scale importation of cheap labor for the local Agribusinesses for whom he was paid to lobby:

 "I had some farmers who came to me and said ‘David, you know how bad this immigration issue is. We cannot get the legal labor we need to get the crops out of the field….Agriculture is a huge component to the 7th congressional district. You just can't go out there and pack them up and ship them all home…The path forward is to take those who are working, and let them continue to work.

Pantano presses Rouzer on lobbying for amnesty in WECT debate April 4, 2012

H/T ALIPAC which supplied the additional information:

Ilario Pantano has attended recent immigration hearings conducted by the NC General Assembly. His opponent David Rouzer has not attended these meetings even though he serves as a state legislator.

ALIPAC Condemns Candidate David Rouzer's Support for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens 04-05-2012

This is not just being guilty of lobbying. Rouzer is clearly completely wrong on the issue. He twice repeated that America had to choose between importing food and importing labor, an utterly fallacious Agribusiness myth which ignores America’s traditional answer to its perennially high labor costs: mechanization. There is a reason that the Combine harvester and the Cotton Gin were invented in this country.

I strongly recommend depressed friends listen to this clip. Apart from being impressively polished and fluent, Pantano obviously really understands the issue: at one point he notes that amnestied illegals could well break 80% Democratic  - a deadly threat to America’s future to which Rouzer is apparently oblivious (or maybe too well-paid to care).

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