National Review Joins Weekly Standard: No 2014 Amnesty! Conservatism Inc: Yawn
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H/T One Old Vet

I find via Drudge’s curious headline Mag: Don’t Do It that National Review has commendably resumed its peculiar partnership with the Weekly Standard in denouncing the idea of acting on Amnesty in 2014.

Don’t Do it The House GOP should do nothing on immigration. By The Editors is entirely reasonable.

President Obama obviously can’t be trusted. Any immigration deal would have to trade enhanced enforcement for an amnesty. Since the president refuses to enforce key provisions of his own health-care law, let alone provisions of immigration law he finds uncongenial, he obviously can’t be relied on to follow up on his end of any bargain. It is hard to fathom how any Republican can possibly believe otherwise.

Very interestingly it displays appreciation of an unChambers Of Commerce viewpoint:

The leadership is also likely to sign on to increased levels of legal immigration. In this it reflects the obsession of the business establishment, for which the answer to the dire employment crisis among low-skilled workers is always to import more low-skilled workers. We salute Senator Jeff Sessions for blowing the whistle on this folly and relentlessly making the pro-worker case against ever-higher levels of immigration.

At we have a low opinion of National Review but we like to give credit when due. A glance at the white hot comments section to the essay makes clear anything but this position would destroy their circulation and mass appeal.

So the question recurs:

With major and normally biddable Conservatism Inc Media vehicles swerving against Amnesty action this year, why is the GOP Leadership pressing forward?

Answer:  $$$$$$$$$$$$

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